Andrea Nelsen, MD
FAA/International HIMS Psychiatrist 
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The HIMS program is for pilots in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse or who are taking antidepressants. If you are a pilot, air traffic controller or aviation student who has experienced a problem involving alcohol, drugs or a mood disorder, then you may have received a notice from the FAA advising that you will need to see a HIMS psychiatrist before being considered for a medical certificate. A HIMS psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry who has the specific skills needed to evaluate pilots and provide a report to the FAA.

Dr. Nelsen handles cases involving all classes of medical certificates. She works with both private and commercial aviators. Your HIMS evaluation with Dr. Nelsen will consist of one or two meetings spread out over a few days. The number of meetings will depend on your situation and whether or not you have had any previous HIMS evaluations. If this is your first HIMS evaluation, two meetings may be needed. Before meeting with Dr. Nelsen, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork and submit records relating to your condition. At the conclusion of the meetings, Dr. Nelsen will discuss her impressions with you and offer some recommendations. She may ask you to obtain additional documents and information. Once these are received, she will then write a report and submit it to your AME. Your AME will review the records, provide a medical summary, and forward your whole packet to the FAA.

Dr. Nelsen is a pilot in training herself, and an avid aviation enthusiast. She
understands how important medical certification is to pilots. She knows that pilots may feel uncomfortable when seeing a psychiatrist for a HIMS evaluation. During your evaluation, Dr. Nelsen will seek to put you at ease. She is committed to helping pilots succeed in recovery and in their careers.

Dr. Nelsen does not participate in any insurance plans. For a listing of fees, please contact Dr. Nelsen.
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